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Get bigger cash backs, load up on points and perks if you join the MY SPORTSANDCASINO REWARDS program.

Rewards Program

As a MySportsandCasino Rewards member, your deposits earn you Free Spins, Cash Back and more. And that’s just the beginning!
Rewards Member
Rewards Member Benefits
Entry: Earn 1 Level Point
  • Daily Cash Back: 5%
  • Comp Points (can be redeemed for cash)
  • Monthly Loot Drops: Free Spins, Comps
  • Member Events and Offers
Earn more with VIP status
Entry: Earn 1000 Level Points
  • Daily Cash Back: 10%
  • Comp Points X2 (accrue comps twice as fast)
  • Monthly Loot Drops: Free Spins, Comps, Free Chips
  • VIP Events and Offers
  • Birthday Gift
Get the most with Super VIP status
Entry: Earn 2500 Level Points
  • Daily Cash Back: 20%
  • Comp Points X3 (earn comps at three time the standard rate)
  • Monthly Loot Drops: Free Spins, Comps, Free Chips, Free Cash
  • Super VIP Events and Offers
  • Super Birthday Gift

How It Works

Every $20 deposited earns you one Level Point. Earn one point and you’re automatically a Rewards Member! Accumulate more Level Points within a 12-month period to move up to VIP and Super VIP, accumulating perks and bonuses along the way.
To maintain your Rewards Level, simply continue to earn the required Level Points every rolling 12-month period and place at least one deposit every 3 months.

Comp Points

Can be redeemed for cash in your cashier. Accrued on all wagers placed with money not tied to a bonus. By default, you accrue comp points at a 1:1 ratio with dollars wagered, but higher rewards tiers grant multipliers on the comps you accrue per dollar wagered.


Randomly drop once or more a month between 6pm and 10pm PST. Depending on Rewards level can be Free Chips, Free Spins, Free Cash and more. Player must be logged in at time of drop to be eligible.

Daily Cash Back

Cash back bonuses are sometimes called "Insurance" bonuses and offered as a second chance win if you weren't able to the previous day. They are triggered the morning after a calculated the following way: (Deposits – Withdrawals – Balance) X Cashback % = Daily Cash Back


As a MySportsandCasino Rewards program member, your play earns you Free Spins, Cash Back and more. And that’s just the beginning!
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