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Here at SportsandCasino, you will find a huge variety of events including the top leagues in your favorite sports from across the globe available for you to bet on. Our staff of wagering professionals using the latest in cutting edge technology, provide our customers with up to date lines ensuring you get the best possible wagering experience. Once you do business with us, you will see that your only job is to pick winners while we handle the rest!

Our trained staff will make sure that the first time you interact with our company, you are provided will all of the necessary details to fund your account while also taking the time to make sure that you are familiar with navigating a our website.

We do not take for granted how confusing looking at betting lines might be for those new to online wagering. With that in mind, we have only employed customer service agents with vast wagering experience therefore guaranteeing that all of our customer's needs are met.

When playing online, especially for a first time player, there are so many more betting options that it can be a bit overwhelming. This is where our amazing staff can help be your guide. We understand that not everyone would like to interact with staff whether on the phone or online via chat so we've decided to give out a few tips and things to look out for right here as you get started on your journey with us.

The first thing we would like to focus on would be how wagers are placed. In order to understand this, we need to examine the type of wagers that can be made. When betting on a single game at a time, known as a 'Straight bet', you can bet on the 'Spread' or the 'MoneyLine' depending on the sport involved. We will get to why the sport matters, just keep in mind that this is the most basic wager that can be made.

When looking at the five major sports that are bet on across the globe, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and the various Soccer leagues around the world, the reason for having two types of 'Straight Bets' comes down to how the scoring works in each of them. When betting on the football and basketball, most of the 'Action' (a term used in the industry that means to have money on a game) is on the 'Spread'. When betting on baseball, hockey or soccer, most of the 'action' in on the 'Moneyline'.

The 'Spread' is the point difference set between the two teams involved in a game, created to give an advantage to the 'Underdog' and an disadvantage to the 'Favorite'. We all know that rarely are both teams in a contest even in terms of talent therefore one team is usually deemed the 'Favorite' (the team expected by odds makers to win) and the other would be the 'Underdog' (the team expected by odds makers to lose).

With that in mind, the point 'Spread' makes it more attractive to wager on a game because the price is much lower than betting on the 'Moneyline'. When we say price, we are talking about how much is costs to make your wager. It is very important to understand that when wagering online or at a casino, there is a price for making your wager which is referred to as the 'Juice'. The standard 'Juice' on a bet is usually set at 10 cents for every dollar you wager. In other words, if you make a wager for $1, it will cost you $1.10. If you bet $10 it will cost, you $11 while $100 will cost you $110 and so on.

To understand why 'Juice' also called 'Vig' exists, one needs to look at it from a business standpoint. It would not be in a sportsbook's interest to want one side to win more than the other in any given contest. Instead what a sportsbook does is try to have an even amount of money on both sides of a game therefore minimizing their own risk and making a profit on the 'Juice'. When a sportsbook is getting too much 'Acton' on one side of a bet, they usually raise the 'Spread' or the 'Juice' to entice people to bet on the other team which results in an even amount of action from customers on both teams. For the sake of simplicity, think of the 'Juice' as the sportsbook's commission for taking the 'Action' on a game.

Not all wagers have 'Juice', for example when you bet the 'Underdog' on the 'Moneyline'. We will get into more examples after we finish up with how to bet on the 'Spread'.

We mentioned earlier that the spread is the point difference between two teams in a wager. We also mentioned that one team will be the 'Favorite' while the other is the 'Underdog'. When looking at a point spread, the 'Favorite' will have a minus sign (-) to the left of the point spread. The 'Underdog' will have a plus sign (+) to the left of the spread.

An example of a point spread is the following:

Philadelphia Eagles +4.5
New England Patriots -4.5

The point spread in the above example is from the 2018 Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. From what we have learned so far, the team expected to win (Favorite) is New England and the team expected to lose (Underdog) is the Eagles.

If you choose to bet on New England, you will need them to win the game by more than 4.5 points to win your wager. In other words, if they win by 5 or more points (5 is of course more than 4.5) then you win your wager.

If you decided to bet on the Underdog Philadelphia Eagles, if they win the game, you would win your wager. However, because you bet them on the 'Spread', if they lose by less than 4.5 (in other words if they lose by 4 or less) you still win your wager!

Earlier we discussed the fact that sportsbooks prefer to have an even amount of action on both sides of a game. They do this by moving the 'Spread' or raising the 'Juice', which makes one team less desirable than the other. This is important to understand because it is possible to log into your account and see a spread of -4.5 on a game and later on that day or that week, you might see that same line move to up to -5 or down to -4.

In this scenario, if you made a wager on a whole number like 4 or 5, the possibility now exists for your wager to end in what's called a 'Push'. A 'Push' bet means that the final score of the game ended with the same point difference as the spread. For example, if you were to make a wager on a football game that had a spread of -4 and the final score was 21-17, that would be considered a 'Push'. A 'Push' means 'No Action' (the bet is void) and you get your money back.

Now that we understand the 'Point spread', we can discuss its counterpart, the 'Moneyline'. When reading a 'Moneyline', it is easiest to use $100 as your base to understand the price. Think of the 'Moneyline' as the price of making your wager without the 'Spread' being involved. In the example of the Patriots and Eagles Super Bowl, the spread between the two teams was 4.5 points. What if you just want to bet on a team to win but don't want to rely on them having to do it by a certain amount of points? Then you would bet on the 'Moneyline'.

Of course this takes us back to the principal that rarely will two teams be completely even in a contest therefore a 'Spread' is made to create a disadvantage for the 'Favorite' and an advantage for the 'Underdog'. The 'Moneyline' uses the same principle except they raise the price of the wager for the 'Favorite' and lower the price for the 'Underdog'.

Here is what our Super Bowl example would look like when we include the 'Moneyline' with the 'Spread' which is what you will see when looking at any given game:

Philadelphia Eagles +4.5        +160
New England Patriots -4.5    -180

To be clear, if you wager on the 'Moneyline' all you need is the team to win the game. This applies to both the 'Favorite' and the 'Underdog'. To understand the price of your wager in the beginning, it's easier to use $100 as your base as we mentioned earlier. With that in mind, if you choose to bet on the Patriots on the 'Moneyline', it would cost you $180 to win $100. If you bet on the Philadelphia Eagles, if you bet $100, you would win $160.

This might seem like a foreign concept at first glance until you think about the game itself. If you were to make this wager it must be assumed that you understand that the Patriots are expected to win the game. With that in mind, it's only logical that it would be more expensive to bet on them. On the flip side, if the Eagles are expected to lose and you are brave enough to put your money on them, shouldn't you get rewarded for taking the bigger risk? Of course which is why when betting on the 'Underdog' you will win more than you risk.

We would also like to mention that when logged into your SportsandCasino account, you will not be expected to do any math to figure out how much you would need to risk on any wager. Our software allows you to enter a dollar amount on the risk side of a wager and you will be able to see how much it wins before making your decision. If you would like to practice figuring out the price on your own, we recommend using the $100 base to start. To give you an idea, if it costs you $180 to win $100, then you know it costs $90 to win $50 (divide both numbers by 2) or $36 to win $20 (divide both numbers by 5). The $100 base allows you to figure out the cost of the wager with ease and then of course you can divide that number anyway you would like.

The final piece to the standard betting line is the 'Total'. This is the easiest part of a wagering line to understand. The 'Total' is the sum of the most likely final score between the two teams according to odds makers. You can either bet over or under that number. That's all there is to it. We can now look at a full wagering line with all of pieces:

Philadelphia Eagles +4.5(-110)        +160        Under 48(+100)
New England Patriots -4.5(-110)        -180        Over 48(-120)

From left to right, we have the 'Spread' which is 4.5, along with the 'Juice' on that 'Spread' in parentheses which is -110. Next we have the 'Moneyline' which of course is a different price for the 'Favorite' than it is for the 'Underdog'. Finally, we have the total with the 'Juice' in parentheses. It is important to remember that the 'Total' is always the same number for both teams and your choices are to bet over that number or under.

In this last example, we changed the 'Juice' on the 'Total' from the standard -110 to expand on something we mentioned earlier. You will rarely see 'Juice' that is more than -110 but when you do, you will now understand that the sportsbook is saying in this specific case: "Too many people are betting on the over so let's raise the price ('Juice') to make the under seem more appealing".

Now that you understand how a standard betting line works, we would like to take a moment to explain why certain sports are 'Moneyline' sports and the rest are usually wagered on the 'Spread'. Baseball, Hockey and Soccer are 'Moneyline' sports. Basketball and Football are the 'Spread' sports.

When you think about the way the scoring works in these sports, it becomes very obvious as to why basketball and football are 'Spread' sports. The scoring in those sports is very high because of the nature of how points are scored. The sports where the scoring goes by 1's, are naturally low scoring therefore the final scores are usually very close. In hockey, baseball or soccer, a 3-point win is a blowout. By comparison, in basketball and football, a 3-point game means that both teams had a chance to win. With that in mind, the 'Spread's in hockey, baseball and soccer are almost always less than 2 points. For that reason, the 'Moneyline' is usually low or "not expensive". In basketball and football, the 'Spread' can be as high as 10 points or more which makes the 'Moneyline' very expensive for the 'Favorite'. If you are thinking that betting on a big 'Underdog' on the 'Moneyline' in basketball or football would win you a lot of money, you would be correct.

You are now armed with the knowledge to take a look at betting lines for your favorite sports and confidently make the best decision on how to invest your money. Of course we have only scratched the surface of the options at your disposal. With the ability to read a standard wagering line, you can now look at all of the other wagering options we have available with confidence.  If you don't understand something no need to worry, you have the best customer service staff at your disposal to answer any questions or concerns over the phone or via chat.

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