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Baby Boomers Cash Cruise

4.3 out of 5 stars.
Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise is like four slot games in one. The game features four (4) separate slot casings, each with its own unique look/feel, symbols and bonus rounds, which provide many hours of unique gameplay and attractiveness to a wide variety of players.

Players start in the Travel Agency casing and from there are sent to cruise destination casings randomly selected via the bonus round. The Travel Agent Wheel may award the player coins, redirect them to one of 3 cruise casings, or allow them to spin again. The player can be sent to an Alaska Cruise slot casing, a Caribbean themed casing or a Greece Cruise Casing! Each “cruise” has a completely different gameplay. Greece, for instance, features a Can't Lose free spin feature and the Caribbean features TWO exciting bonus rounds. Alaska has a single-player Bingo bonus round. Each play session will be different and exciting! This is a game built with re-playability in mind.
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