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4.6 out of 5 stars.
Taking inspiration from a classic arcade game, Frogged Mobile is about a friendly green amphibian looking to make his way home. All that's in Mr. Frog's way is a road packed with high speed vehicles and a rapid river inhabited by dangerous creatures.

In every round you will find the classic 9, J, Q, K, Q, and A Icons, although on his quest our hopping hero must avoid being squashed by cars, trucks, buses, race-cars, and even bulldozers. A strange thing happens to Mr. Frog when 3 or more of the free spin icons are hit, he is warped to the world of a retro videogame.

During free spins, if you hit 3 more free spin icons, Mr. Frog is transported once more to the River Rapids round. Now he must deal with hazards like logs, turtles, snakes, and alligators. During this round there is also a wild fly that sticks to the reel, triggering a re-spin!

Why did the frog cross the road? Play Frogged Mobile to find out!
Game providerRival
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Game reviews

Stefanie F
July 27, 2020
I really Loved playing this game. It's a lot like the video game frogger and so much fun to play.
Wayne M
April 24, 2020
Classic video game of the 80's - Slot format.
Always loved this game as a kid, but this slot was 50/50 for me. Free spins hit more often than other Rival games, but paid out very little. Had a nice three line hit... Cool game, wish the free spins would payout more.
Taking clear inspiration from the classic arcade video game where you must cross the street without being hit by passing cars, Frogged Mobile is an adventure in which the jumpy green amphibian must get back to his humble abode. There are a slew of unsavoury characters and high powered motor vehicles in your way that you must avoid at all cost. In each round of this classic online slot machine game you will find all the familiar icons such as 9s, Jacks, Kings, Queens, Kings and Aces. Avoid the trucks, buses, cars, race-cars
and scary bulldozers. You and Mr. Frog will visit the strange yet familiar world from the famous amphibians arcade game this game drew inspiration from when you hit 3 or more of the “free spin” icons.
During these free spins if you happen to again hit 3 or more of the free spin icons, you and Mr. Frog will be transported to the River Rapid round. Now while this is good, you will have a whole new slew of dangerous and villainous enemies to deal with. This means alligators with teeth that can easily sever you in half, snakes that slither, turtles that snap and why not throw in some wooden logs to hamper your travels a little more. If you and Mr. Frog want to make your way home, or the bank, you had better be very weary on your way there. Although you have a lot of enemy combatants in this online video slot machine game, you will find a silver lining. There is a wild fly buzzing around and if you happen to cross its path, it will stick to the reel, almost like it’s your fishing tackle or something. This might seem like it would hamper you but since you’re a frog, this is a good thing, it’s sustenance. This wild fly will stay on your reel and trigger a re-spin.
You will cross the road if it’s the last thing you do, let’s just hope you find wild flies, free spins and lots of coins!
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